Expanding cultural horizons through music, dance, and the arts

ArtMax proudly presents

the 12th annual and second virtual fundraiser. This event will feature live performances by local artists, recorded performances of current and former ArtMax students, brief commentary by ArtMax board members, and a review of recent and upcoming artistic and cultural activities.



Live broadcast by Left Door Streaming

Welcome to ArtMax Academy where we are inspired by the diversity of the arts in the human experience. By exploring, educating and expanding our cultural horizons, we enable friendship and community spirit; and, we take a step closer to world unity in the pursuit of peace and creativity.

ArtMax Academy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting music, the arts, and the diverse languages of the world. It is our focus to facilitate the education, study, preservation, and performance of all forms of music, dance, and creative endeavors. Additionally, we believe that by understanding and respecting the world’s languages and utilizing multicultural performance venues to facilitate cross-cultural bonds between individuals and ethnic groups we bring the world closer to peace.

ArtMax Academy is designed to maximize the artistic creativity of our youth. We strongly believe that music and performing arts can stimulate thoughts and improve mood and behaviors. Studies reveal the unparalleled positive effect of music on our daily lives.  At ArtMax Academy we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to enrich their quality of life by developing his or her creative skills.

ArtMax Academy was established in 2009 to create artistic opportunities that may not be available through the public education system. ArtMax Academy has no political or religious affiliation and exclusively concentrates on the mission stated above.