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Masoud Zadeh

Masoud Zadeh, IT support

Masoud holds a bachelor’s degree in System Analysis from the School of Planning & Computer Applications in Tehran and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University, focused on Artificial Intelligence. He has 38 years of combined experience in the high tech industry, academia, and IT industry. He is an active participant in Portland’s Iranian community and has volunteered with the Iranian non-profit organizations since 1997. He joined the Andisheh Center’s board of directors in 2011.

Bahram Bahmanyar  

Bahram "Barry" Bahmanyar, Outreach and Publicity

Barry is a longtime resident of Portland-Beaverton. He started his career in engineering and later in life he joined a local non-profit organization as a program manager. In 1980 and with the help of some of my college friends, he started a nonprofit professional networking group to advance and promote Persian culture in the Greater Portland Metro. He's passionate about the work of nonprofits and has emceed for a number of Persian nonprofit organizations in the community. He's the volunteer and co-host of the Persian Hour Art & Music show on Portland community radio KBOO 90.7 FM. This one-hour show aims to promote the rich Persian culture and its music. Persian Hour radio show and ArtMax have collaborated on producing a number of radio shows at the ArtMax studio and this partnership will continue. He is especially proud of the work ArtMax and its staff have done to advance Iranian music and art in our community.  

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