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 Mission & Objectives

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Mission Statement


The mission of ArtMax Academy (ArtMax) is to promote world music, arts, and languages. ArtMax will facilitate education, study, preservation, and performance of various forms of music, dance, and other artistic endeavors, as well as world languages and utilize multicultural performance venues to facilitate cross-cultural bonds between individuals and ethnic groups. ArtMax has no political or religious affiliation and exclusively concentrates on the mission stated above.



ArtMax is formed and shall be operated primarily to:

a)  preserve, teach, and perform traditional, folk, modern, and classical music of the world;

b)  encourage cross cultural collaboration to allow the community greater access to multi-cultural music, dance, and other forms of artistry primarily for  youth;

c)  organize, promote and manage art exhibitions and other forms of performing arts activities;

d)  establish a world-class destination where students and supporters of the performing arts and artists may come together to collaborate;

e) further creative endeavors, while developing cross cultural bonds focusing on young artists and performers;

f) offer a reliable resource for the world’s financially challenged youth to expand their artistic talents;

g)  provide education for students interested in music, and other forms of artistry,

h)  facilitate cross-cultural collaborations among artists of all backgrounds and traditions; and

i)  Provide opportunities to learn languages to facilitate transfer of arts and cultural heritage.

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