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October 19th, 2024, 7:30 PM
Voices Unveiled
Patricia Reser Center for the Arts


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“Voices Unveiled” weaves the stories of young girls from the Middle East, exiled from their homes and yearning for freedom and equality. These girls, radiant with talent and filled with hopes for a brighter life, bear the weight of a singular “sin” — being born in the Middle East. Their quest for liberty demands a migration as harrowing and fragile as the severing of roots from their homeland. Ehsan Matoori, an Iranian American composer and New Music USA Award winner, inspired by some of these lives, brings this tragedy to music in collaboration with female artists from the Middle East. After 21 successful concerts, the “Voices Unveiled” multicultural and fusion project, in collaboration with amazing voices from the Middle East and joined by one-time Grammy winner and seven-time nominee bass player Edward Perez, Maliheh Moradi, Mina Deris, and other great musicians, will take the stage in Portland. If you saw our first show in Portland, don’t miss this version! Our program features an amazing addition that you won’t want to miss. Let us surprise you once more.
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