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600 Years of Music Uncovered
Coming soon
First Baptist Church
909 SW 11th Ave 
Portland Oregon 97206

600 Years of Music Uncovered is a concert of classical music from four contrasting periods in Persian history. From the Timurid Period of Iran (14th Century) to present day, compositions of each time period reveal changes in the social landscape, performance principals, presentation of ideals, attitudes towards music/dance/poetry, and at times the geographic footprint of the tradition is detectable within the composition. Dance and visuals come together with music to create and educational and yet dramatic and immersive experience, where the audience may feel they are in the court of a Safavid king, as the musicians routinely bow upon entering/exiting the stage.The concert is performed without amplification by a six piece ensemble. Graphic slides and dancing accompany each section, highlighting the unique elements of each period. Ali Samadpour, acclaimed Iranian composer and director of the ensemble, in collaboration with  local master artist Bobak Salehi on Kamancheh/violin will be joined by a world class collection of artists, including Dr. Bahar Movahed on lead vocals.

The aim of Iran 600 Years of Music Uncovered is to showcase and preserve newly discovered manuscripts within the broader context of Persian music. Simultaneously, this project is a celebration of the many cultures that have brought this music to life, from Iran to the United States. Sharing heritage is a way to expose common roots, as the history of the music of Iran is connected to traditions in Europe as well as Eastern Asia. ArtMax Academy encourages the new generation of artists and musician to partake in world heritage and find new inspirations in familiar or unexpected sources. The goal in presenting new shows is to dazzle the mind and spirit, and then support the growth of arts learning through workshops and individualized study.


Hamsaz Ensemble is directed by Ali Samadpour includes Bahar Movahed, Shahin Shahbazi, Sina Dehghani, Babak Daneshvar, and Portland's own Bobak Salehi.

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